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Faction punish 10/60
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04.10.2022 22:46 LS Taxi Got rank 3
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05.09.2022 15:14 LS Taxi Invitat / Invited View
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24.10.2022 00:00 N/A LS Taxi Was kicked out (with FP) incomplete Activity Report
22.10.2022 22:38 LS Taxi Received a FW clear Expirat, grija pe viitor!
17.10.2022 00:00 N/A LS Taxi Got rank 2 incomplete Activity Report
08.10.2022 22:19 LS Taxi Received FactionWarn Absent activitate
04.10.2022 22:46 LS Taxi Got rank 3 Felicitari, soparla!
20.09.2022 22:39 LS Taxi Got rank 2 Felicitari, Lizard!
06.09.2022 22:29 LS Taxi Joined the faction None