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30.03.2023 22:17 LV Taxi Invitat / Invited View
07.03.2023 17:42 SF School Instructors Invitat / Invited View
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26.04.2023 23:48 LV Taxi Received FactionWarn Limbaj vulgar.
26.04.2023 23:48 LV Taxi Was kicked out (3 warns) Limbaj vulgar.
12.04.2023 01:38 LV Taxi Received FactionWarn Reclamatie Website.
31.03.2023 16:52 LV Taxi Joined the faction None
18.03.2023 23:59 SF School Instructors Was kicked out (with FP) Limbaj vulgar.
07.03.2023 20:36 SF School Instructors Joined the faction None