Upcoming wars
Turf Attacker Defender Time Interval View
Military LV Red Dragon Triad Verdant Family 20:00-20:30 View
Naval Base SF 69 Pier Mobs El Loco Cartel 20:00-20:30 View
Rockshore LV Green Street Bloods The Tsar Bratva 20:00-20:30 View
Palisades SF 69 Pier Mobs El Loco Cartel 20:30-21:00 View
Paramedics LV The Tsar Bratva Red Dragon Triad 20:30-21:00 View
Cartel SF Verdant Family Avispa Rifa 20:30-21:00 View
CNN LV Southern Pimps The Tsar Bratva 21:00-21:30 View
Bank LV Green Street Bloods Red Dragon Triad 21:00-21:30 View
Train Station SF Verdant Family Avispa Rifa 21:00-21:30 View
White Wood LV The Tsar Bratva Verdant Family 21:30-22:00 View
Car Drop LV Red Dragon Triad Green Street Bloods 21:30-22:00 View
SFPD SF Avispa Rifa 69 Pier Mobs 21:30-22:00 View